ABTs aka Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

This is a party favorite.  Bacon lovers and heat lovers unite over this one.  We use Zest Coast Sweet Heat to balance the heat with a little sweetness.

What you need:

1 dozen Jalapenos, sliced in half and seeds removed. 

1 package bacon.  Thinner cuts wrap better.  I use applewood or hickory smoked.

1 tub of soft cream cheese of your choice.

Zest Coast Sweet Heat Rub.  Or Original.

This is pretty straight forward.  Slice peppers in half and seed.  I leave the seeds in some and call 'em Captain's Choice because I like it hot.  Fill peppers with cheese. Wrap with one half slice bacon.  Sprinkle with Zest Coast Sweet Heat or Original BBQ Rub.  

Cook indirect on charcoal or gas grill.  I like to use my pellet grill.  Temp should be on the higher side.  375 to 425 to render out and slightly crisp the bacon.  When the bacon is done, the poppers are done.  Main thing is to ensure bacon not over open flame to avoid flare ups. 


As the picture indicates, I often cook chicken wings along side ABTs.  Arrrr!