Baby Back Pork Ribs - Memphis Dry Rub Style

Memphis Style Baby Back Ribs

I don't find many people that don't like ribs. But I do find that people can really have a preference in sauces.  So change it up -skip the sauce and go dry! Dry rub style allows the meat to be the star.  Have  a few sauces available for those that want it.  I had sauce available for these at the Super Bowl party but it was hardly used.  

Watch the video and check out the step by step pictures below:


 I like to purchase the three rack cryovac pac of baby back ribs.  They are often referred to as Loin Ribs.  The warehouse stores all carry them and sometimes you find them at the larger grocery stores.

Remove silver skin.  I use a fish scalers and paper towels. Loosen with the scalers and grab hold with the paper towels and pull. This video has more details on rib prep.


 Coat with olive oil (or yellow mustard).

 Coast with BBQ rub.  Here we used Zest Coast Memphis BBQ Rub.

Prepare a spritzing solution.  I like 2/3 Apple Cider vinegar and 1/3 water.

Set cooker (Grill or Smoker) up for indirect cooking. Start out at about 275F.  Use a probe thermometer to monitor the cook.  Here we used our Thermoworks Dot.

 We will be checking each slab for doneness with our Thermapen® Mk4. Below we checked that our probe was not touching a bone and the temps both read 112.  So now we can monitor rib temps without opening the cooker. 

 At around 165 to 175F depending on how much time I have, I push the cooker temp to 325F. I also spritz with vinegar every hour.


 Pull the ribs at around 203 to 205F.  If they don't bend when you lift them in the middle of the rack with tongs, let them go to 210 or so.

Let ribs rest a bit.  While they will continue cooking a bit, I like to let the temp drop to about five degrees below the pull temp before cutting.

Uh oh! I was in such a hurry to get to the Super Bowl party that I don't have a picture of the cut up ribs.  But they looked great and tasted better. Pull from the bone tender.  Not fall off the bone mushy.