Beef Brisket Flat

The Captain prefers whole packer briskets to flats but you can’t beat the convenience of a pre trimmed flat. I get them at Costco and they can cook in as little as three hours.  I cooked this one for around five because there were two in the smoker and that can increase the time it seems.

What you need:

3 to 5 pound brisket,  Zest Coast Beef Rub and olive oil.

Bring the meat to near room temperature. lightly coat the brisket and generously coat with ZC Beef Rub.  in this case, rub it in good.

Pre heat your smoker or grill to between 225 and 325. I like 275 for brisket but you can get away with a little higher if pressed for time.  This works well with a kettle grill set up for indirect cooking.

when the temp gets to around 155 to 165 and a nice bark has formed, you can foil the meat to finish faster.  You can even finish in the oven once you have foiled.  Final temp should be 195 to 205. Be careful when unwrapping and you have a nice au jus to ladle on the finished product.  

Slice into 1/4 inch thick slices.  I like sandwiches with little bbq sauce and pickle. But most people seem to just like the meat plain. carb watching I guess.