Citrus Rush Grilled Chicken Wings

Apply this technique to any combination of rubs and sauce. Or forget the sauce and add more Rub or a different rub at the end.

What you need:
Chicken wings, parted
Zest Coast Citrus Rush or your favorite rub
Sauce (optional). We blended siracha, hot honey, orange marmalade, and Citrus Rush Rub.


What to do:
Coat Wings with Rub
Cook indirect on grill at 375F for 20 to 30 minutes until 195 to 205F. We use Thermaworks thermometers in all our cooking.

Blend and heat wing sauce or use your favorite bottles sauce.
Toss to lightly coat cooked wings. You can put back on grill but be careful not to burn.  Serve hot.


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