Dry Brined Smoked Turkey

Dry Brining is an easy way to add flavor to your turkey.  You can roast in the oven but smoking a turkey or whole turkey is really easy. In this example we use the ubiquitous Weber Kettle.  But any cooker that can be set up for indirect heat will work.   Even a gas grill.  foil some wood chips and place on grill above the hot burners.

Most of the turkeys you buy at the grocery, especially the frozen ones, come with a saline solution injected so dry brining is the way to go.

This two minute video walks through the steps and the more complete how too follows below.

 What you need:

  • Turkey Breast or Whole Turkey. I prefer fresh but if you go frozen, purchase three days or more ahead of time to allow to defrost. 
  • Olive Oil
  • Seasoning Blend - We really like the way Savory Blast works on Poultry.

 What to do:

Rub with Olive Oil and liberally coast with seasoning blend (rub).  We use Zest Coast Savory Blast.

Wrap/cover and place in refrigerator overnight or for several hours at least.


This what ours looked like after 15 hours in fridge.


Set up smoker for indirect cooking. Place wood chips or chunks on coals or heat source.

Place probe thermometer in meat.  This bird had a thermometer but I don't like to rely on them, plus the probe thermometer allows you to monitor temp without opening the cooker.  We are shooting for 165F to 175F internal temp.

 I like to remove the meat for slicing.

Hey.  The best thing about smoked turkey is the leftover sandwiches. I smoked this bird specifically for sandwiches.