Grilled Hot Wings

Grilled chicken wings are a crowd favorite and this technique can be prepared with any seasonings and sauces you like.  Cook several batches with different combinations.  Check out the Citrus Rush recipe. Or forget the sauce and add more Rub or a different rub at the end for great flavor and less napkins.  Zest Coast Memphis is a particularly good finishing rub.


What you need:
Chicken wings, parted
Zest Coast Cannon Fire or your favorite rub
Sauce (optional). We used Texas Pete Buffalo Hot Wing Sauce in this version.

What to do:
Coat Wings with Rub

Cook indirect on grill at 375F for 20 to 30 minutes until 195 to 205F.

The one thing that will improve your grilling game more than anything is a good thermometer. There are lots of good ones but we recommend Thermoworks products. Pictured below is the Thermapen® Mk4

ThermoWorks Chef Alarm

Place 1 to 2 TBS wing sauce in bowl.

Toss to lightly coat cooked wings. You can put back on grill but be careful not to burn.  Serve Hot.




ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4