Grilled Pork Loin Chops with Black Beans and Rice

The SIL was in town for a pre turkey day visit and gifted the Captain with a nice whole pork loin.  I already had some tenderloins that needed cookin so I cut the loin into 2 roasts and enough chops for two family dinners and placed in freezer. the following is cook one. I whipped this up in about a half hour so the First Mate could go to a PTA meeting.

What you need: Pork loin chops, canned blacked beans, white rice. Plus Zest Coast Memphis Rub for the beans and pork. substitute any favorite ZC rub for the pork. I also used some homemade mopping sauce by combing ZC Carolina Rub with vinegar.


Start your rice first and it will be ready when the meat is done.  Rub chops with Memphis Rub or Original Zest Coast all purpose rub.  Put beans on stove with generous amounts of cumin and Memphis Rub.  Fire up the gas grill to medium,low, medium heat. Or around 350 in the cooking zone. While rice and beans are simmering, cook meat for around ten minutes per side to around 145 to 150 degrees in thickest part. I mop/baste when I turn with the vinegar sauce.  While the meat rests, plate the rice and beans. Eazy, Peazy. Arrrr!

The loin chops provide a nice clean palate for just about any of the Zest Coast blends.  Citrus Rush, Sweet Heat, and Hot Coffee are also big winners with pork.