High Heat Ribs and Wings

Most rib recipes call for three to even six hours of cooking. But in eastern NC and some parts of Memphis, they cook ribs fast.  I actually don’t like mushy ribs so this method works great when short on time. I can get wings and ribs ready for noon football after a morning bike ride or a trip to the beach. If you got a little more time, but not all day - check out our 90 Minute Rib Recipe.

What you need:

Rack of loin back ribs.  These are a little meatier than baby back and really a very small pork chop. Chicken wings (parted) or chicken drummies. Zest Coast Memphis BBQ Rub or your favorite Zest Coast Rub. Okay, you are thinking any BBQ rub will do. And it will.  But if you want authentic Memphis style dry ribs, use ZC Memphis BBQ Rub.  

What to do:

Generously coast wings and ribs with Rub.  Cook over medium heat (around 325 to 350) for about 45 minutes or until wings are around 195F and ribs are around 165F. Use a good, fast read, thermometer. We use Thermapen.

ThermoWorks Chef Alarm

After you remove from the grill, recoat meat with Rub.  Serve dipping sauce (like ZC tangy NC) on side.