Hot Coffee Rubbed Pork with Citrus Rush Rice and Sugar Snap Peas

Pork of any type is great when seasoned with Zest Coast Hot Coffee Rub.  We made this with Country Style Ribs (pork butt slices) and the rub really excels at making this kinda fatty cut shine.  Works equally well with leaner pork loin chops, etc. If you don't like heat, try Zest Coast Espresso.
We made Citrus Rush Rice and stirred in some fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice.  The Sugar Snap Peas were seasoned with Zest Coast Seafood Shaker seasoning.  The First Mate really like this one on the veggies.
What you need:
Six to eight ounces of pork per person.  The fattier cuts taste better, but lean is cool when watching the calories.
Veggies of your choosing
Zest Coast Hot Coffee
Zest Coast Citrus Rush
Zest Coast Seafood Shaker (or other suitable veggies seasoning)
Fresh Cilantro and Fresh Lime Juice (optional)
Olive Oil - Optional
What to do:
Season your pork (chicken or steak) with Hot Coffee Rub. Set aside for 30 minutes to several hours. You can mildly coat meat with olive oil or yellow mustard before seasoning if you desire. I put the meat in a plastic baggies and massage the rub in to distribute and incorporate the rub.
Preheat grill or oven to 350 degrees.
Start your rice with a about 2 Tsp of Zest Coast Citrus Rush and a little olive oil (optional). When done, (and this is optional but worth it) stir in some fresh cilantro and a little fresh lime juice.
Cook the pork at 350 for about 30 minutes until around 155 degrees (145 to 165). Do not overcook.  The Captain uses a Thermapen.
The veggies will only take 5 minutes in the microwave or steamer so we start them when the meat is coming off the grill or out of the oven.  Even pork benefits from a little rest. 

Zest Coast Hot Coffee rubbed Country Style Pork Ribs