Italian Beef (on the Smoker)

The Bucs were playing the Bears. We like to make tailgate food inspired by the opponent.  Chicago has several foods that would work but we went with a smoked variation on Italian Beef.  We smoked a 7.55 lb (about 6 lb trimmed net) eye round roast for 2 1/2 hours at around 250.  We sliced thin, cut into strips, and simmered in the meat juices and beef broth (from bullion).  Then served on hoagie and crusty french rolls. This is easy to have done ahead of time so the cook can focus on the game!  Check out this video for the technique. Details follow below.

 What you need:

  • Beef Roast. I like to use eye of round but top or bottom round or what you like can work.
  • Seasoning. We use Zest Coast Beef and Savory Blast. SPG will work
  • Beef broth ( 4 cups) or beef bouillon
  • Foil pan to cook roast in.
  • Giardiniera, sport peppers, etc. for garnishing.
  • Probe style thermometer to monitor meat cooking.  We used the ThermoWorks DOT.

What to do:

Trim the hard fat and silver skin from the roast. I cut about 1.5 lbs from this roast or or about 20% of the weight.

Season meat.  We used Zest Coast Beef and Zest Coast Savory Blast.  You can use straight Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder or Season Salt and Pepper works too.


Set up smoker/grill for indirect cooking at around 250F. Place roast in foil pan. Insert probe thermometer (ThermoWorks DOT pictured) into roast and place on grill. We set the DOT alarm to 145F. Alturnatively you can roast, covered, in a 250 degree oven.


Cook for 2 to 3 hours until roast reaches around 145F.

Check several areas around the roast to ensure it is done. We used our ThermoPop this go around.

ThermoWorks ThermoPop

I smoked this the day before so I covered and placed in refrigerator overnight. Our game was at 1 PM so I sliced up the meat around 9 AM.


Then I placed in a slow cooker with four cups of broth and the juice from the roasting pan. There was little to no fat in the juice because this is a lean cut. I also added some more seasoning including basic Italian Seasoning blend.

Serve on hoagie rolls or french bread/rolls.  Crusty bread works great and some guests may want to dunk their sandwich.