Jalapeno Poppers with Lit'l Smokies

Jalapeno Poppers (aka ABTs) are always a hit at parties and tailgates. This version includes a Lit'l  Smokie for added sustenance for the big game. Click on the video for the technique step by steps.  Complete instructions follow.


What you need:

  • Fresh Jalapenos
  • Cream Cheese
  • Bacon - 1 to two strips per Jalapeno.
  • 1 small pkg Lit'l Smokies (optional)
  • Grill - Indirect High Heat

What to do:

Start with fresh, washed, Jalapenos.
Slice in half lengthwise.
Remove ribs and seeds.
Fill Jalapenos with cream cheese (I often use the jalapeno or garden veggie flavors).
Add some BBQ rub (optional).
Stuff with Lit'l Smokies (optional)
Wrap with 1/2 to full slice of bacon. I used 1/2 slice here. Use toothpick to hold together. Bacon will shrink and this helps keep it in place.
Cook Poppers on Grill (gas or charcoal) set to indirect high heat. I run between 375 to 425F).  Just be sure there is no heat source directly below poppers to avoid flare ups. I added some Zest Coast Sweet Heat BBQ rub before putting on grill.  The sugar helps caramelize the bacon. yummmm.
 I usually do between one to two dozen poppers at a time.  Since I was only doing 8 for this blog.  I added some chicken wings.  Woo Hoo!
 Cook until bacon is crisp. This will be 45 to 90 minutes depending on heat of grill.
Cap'n Tip: You may want to let them cool before serving. The cream cheese can burn roof of mouth.


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