Pizza and Wings on the Grill

Recently the college kid stated "It doesn't get more 'merican than pizza and wings."  The wing part for sure and the US consumes more pizza per capita than any country other than Norway. Norway? Who knew?

We used this cook to demonstrate that the key to great pizza is a hot oven or grill.  While the the cooking surface (pizza stone in grill in this case) is coming up to the proper temperature of 500F or greater, why not cook some wings with all that energy?

So we did.  Here is a twofer, if you will......

We did not not include the dough making and pizza prep but we used Roberta's of Brooklyn's dough recipe from the New York Times.

To prep our pizza, we lightly spread plain Italian tomato sauce (Pomi), sprinkled Zest Coast Savory Blast onto the sauce, added lots of pepperoni and fresh Italian buffalo mozzarella (Mozzarella di Bufala Campana) cheese.  Costco has this cheese regularly flown in from Italy.  Pizza Margherita made with this cheese and fresh basil is one of my favorites. See bonus Cap'n Tip at bottom.

Enough chatting, here is the process:

Put one side of your gas grill on high heat and place pizza stone or your choice of cooking surface on the grate to preheat.  You can go straight on the grill but should probably use a store bought shell that is pre-baked or pre-bake your crust.


While the stone is heating up (about 20 minutes or so), you can cook chicken wings, tenders or whatever on the cooler side.  No burners should be on below your wings (or other meat or veggies!). The grill will be very hot and no direct heat is required on the indirect side.

After fifteen minutes, we are checking the temps of the the stone and the wings. The wings were done around the 25 minute mark.

The wings were seasoned with Zest Coast Original seasoning blend before cooking and finished with Zest Coast Memphis BBQ Rub after they were pulled from the grill.  Wings were cooked to the 205 to 215F range.  See more on chicken wings here.

When the pizza stone is over 500 degrees, pull the wings when ready. You can leave the wings on while cooking the pizza if they are not ready. There is flexibility here so you can time it out to have hot pizza and hot wings simultaneously.

Cap'n Tip:  So the whole key to successful pizza is ensuring that your cooking surface is at least 500 degrees.  You need an infrared thermometer for this task. We recommend a Thermoworks IR Gun .



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ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Bonus Cap'n Tip: Costco has Mozzarella di Bufala Campana regularly flown in from Italy.  Pizza Margherita made with this cheese and fresh basil is one of my favorites.

Plus you can make caprese appetizers with the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana cheese as well.