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Reverse Sear Sirloin Steak

This technique works great with a thick Ribeye, Porterhouse, New York Strip, or Sirloin Steak.  We went with Sirloin because that was the best value at the time of purchase.  Sirloin is also leaner so it may not taste quite as good but is a little better for you. 

Set up grill or smoker:  Use indirect heat for the slow cook/smoking part of this recipe.  Pit temp should be between 225 and 300F. You will slow cook the steak to an internal temp of 120 to 125 degrees.

Season meat:  We used Zest Coast Beef and Hot Coffee Rubs. Add some Zest Coast Cannon Fire if you wanted to "heat it up." If you don't have suitable rubs on hand, use equal parts salt and pepper and add a little cayenne pepper for heat if you like.  The sugars in the rub blends help develop the crust.

 Cap'n Tip:  Prepare your sides during the 30 minutes or so that your meat is slow cookling.  For this cook we baked some potatoes and had broccoli ready to steam while the meat was resting.

Potatoes seasoned with Zest Coast Savory Blast

After Rub sets up on meat, place on Grill/Smoker:  I do my indirect slow cook portion on a Big Green Egg.  Any grill set up for indirect will work. Monitor your cook with an internal meat thermometer. We use the Thermoworks Smoke

 ThermoWorks Smoke

Learn more about Thermoworks Smoke in this short video:

Cook indirect for 30 minutes or until meat reaches 120 to 125F:  Double check various areas of meat to ensure even doneness to your liking.

Sear on direct high heat: At 120 to 125F move the steak onto a hot grill.  This does not have to be immediate but meat continues to cook even off the grill.  I used a Weber gas grill on HIGH heat.   Cook about 90 seconds per side.  Shoot for internal doneness of 145F. The earlier you pull the steaks the better.  You can always throw the meat back on but you can't uncook it. Pull steaks and check for your desired doneness. 130-135F is medium rare and 135-145F is medium.


Rest meat and add butter: Let the meat rest at least 5 minutes before cutting. This is very important because it allows the juices to reincorporate.


Cap'n Tip:  Use a high quality instant read thermometer to quickly get your temps to reduce heat loss in your oven or grill. Thermapen is what we use.
ThermoWorks Chef Alarm