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Simple Whole Chicken in Instant Pot

I set out to make a whole chicken as simply as possible. No browning. Nothing but bird, water, and seasonings.  You can even just use salt and pepper.  This is a great way to make a healthy dose of protein to use in other recipes like chicken and rice, burritos, salads, etc. Total time from fridge to plate is 45 minutes.

And a bonus: The chicken drippings and water under this made a delicious broth to use later. Just put it in the fridge and skip the fat off the top. 

What you need:
One whole chicken - around 4 pounds.
Seasonings - Salt and Pepper is just fine. We used Zest Coast Savory Blast and Zest Coast Beef.
One cup of water

What to do:
Place rack into Instant Pot.
Add one cup of water or amount to just below the rack.
Open chicken and remove packaged items from cavity.
Rinse and apply seasonings.Place onto rack in Instant Pot. 
Close pot, ensuring that vent is in closed position.
Select Meat setting (and/or High Pressure). Set for 25 minutes. 
At end of cooking, allow pressure to release naturally (about 10 minutes). 
The cooking process of pressurizing/cooking/venting takes about 40 minutes total.

Granted, this chicken doesn't have the crispy skin of an oven-cooked bird, but is the perfect palate for your weekday recipes such as burritos, soup, salads or a week of lunches for work.