Smoked Pork Belly

I know a lot of people that get excited about bacon.  Well, you should see them when they taste smoked pork belly. Taste sensation!

It is really quite simple.  Any smoker or grill (set up indirect) will work.  Watch the video for a crash course and then read the blog post for more details.

I start out with a four pound or so cut of pork belly.  You can do a whole belly slab and they can be 20 pounds or more.

 Score the skin side pork belly in a crisscross "X" manner.

 Season with BBQ Rub,  We used Zest Coast Original.

Cook the Pork Belly on smoker or grill, indirect heat, at 250F for around 4 hours. With about an hour to go I added Sausages and Peppers to cook.  I guess I have an Italian Misto Grill (mixed grill) now.

I set up my Thermoworks Smoke to monitor the cook. The Smoke allows me monitor my cook with the remote monitor or via smartphone app. You need the Smoke Gateway to use the app. But it is nice to have a minute by minute log of your cook.

ThermoWorks Smoke

Getting close to done here. Since this is a small piece, it cooked in 4 hours.  Yours may take much longer.  That is why monitoring the temp is so important.  Your instant read thermometer (like a Thermapen or ThermoPop) should slide in easily and be at least 165F. You can go up to 205F, but when it slides in "like butter" you are ready.

I pull the pork belly and let it rest 5 minutes or so, then cut along the scores for serving.  You can halve these pieces if too large.  I think a two bite serving is about right.


I added a little BBQ rub at the end for aesthetics and taste.  Enjoy!

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4