Spice rubs boost the flavor of healthy eating

Trying to get back to eating healthy now that the sugar-fueled holidays are behind us? Zest Coast spice rubs are a great way to kick up the flavor of steamed vegetables, rice pilaf and other healthy options.

Here's some of our greatest hits:


Consider this more of a method than a recipe because you can interchange your favorite spice blend for this recipe for Citrus Rush Steamed Vegetables. I like the zing of Citrus Rush but the dill and other savory herbs in the mix called Seafood Shaker is awesome on veggies. And the Zest Coast Original Rub is also surprisingly good with grilled vegetables like asparagus. The mix of sugar and a bit of chili give it an interesting uptick in flavor.


Speaking of the Seafood Shaker, using that mix makes it easy to cook salmon in the oven or on grill on a weeknight for an amazingly flavorful and fast meal. Here's the Captain's simple recipe that gets big raves from our kids.


These Glazed Carrots look fancy enough for a dinner party but they are fast enough to make on a busy weeknight using Citrus Rush spice mix.


I used Savory Blast for this Veggie-Packed Rice Pilaf but you can also get good results with Seafood Shaker. It really brightens up your broccoli. The best part is you can make this in the microwave and have both rice and veggies in one dish. I do this when the Captain is off making Salmon or Chicken Thighs on grill. And this is another one that's more method than recipe because you just use whatever veggies you have on hand and pack them in.