Toaster Oven Quesadillas with Sweet Heat

Kids love these quick and easy quesadillas.  For the adult version, I use Zest Coast Sweet Heat and Jalapenos.  For the little kiddos, probably omit these items. What I like about this technique is no dirty pans.  Just slide into toaster oven.  Just make sure to use a setting that allows the cheese to melt before the tortilla gets too brown.

What you need:
Tortillas - Your choice of size.
Cheese - Shredded in Bag.  I use the Mexican Four Cheese variety but your favorite will do.
Seasoning - Like Zest Coast Sweet Heat or Texas Pete Hot Sauce
Jalapenos, Onion or whatever your zing preference, if any

What to do:
Spread cheese in thin layer across tortilla. 
Add seasoning or topping as desired. Add top tortilla.  Spread thin layer of mayo on top. 
Bake in toaster over for around 5 minutes or until begins to become golden brown. Do Not Over Cook.
  You can make smaller portions if desired by only covering half a tortilla and then folding.

Slice and Serve:  Use a pizza wheel cutter or large knife to cut. You can get creative with garnish like sour cream, hot sauce or yes, zest coast seasonings.