SPYGLASS: Carolina Rub

Carolina Rubbed Chicken Wing

Carolina Rub is one of the more unique blends in the Zest Coast line-up.  It is designed to make BBQ in the eastern NC tradition.  But the uses are endless.  This is the blend that I use to make eastern NC pig sauce like they used in the old days to season whole hog BBQ.  As a kid, I remember watching the pitmaster slosh the sauce from gallon jugs over the chopped meat while the crowd watched with anticipation.  The smell when the vinegary mixture steams from the hot pork is unbelievable.  The closet thing I get to tradition in Tampa Bay is at home when I pour over a pan of fresh pulled/chopped pork shoulder.

Eastern Carolina Style Pulled Pork

Head over to the recipe blog and filter on Zest Coast Carolina Rub to see the many uses including: Chicken wings, "Barbecue'd" Chicken, Pork Chops, etc.  But be creative, I like this blend on steamed veggies (esp. broccoli) and as a condiment on pizza and spaghetti.  Really, anywhere you would sprinkle crushed red pepper flakes - try Carolina Rub.

Cap'n Tip:  Before use in recipes or making sauce, grind the seasoning blend in a coffee grinder or similar device.  Mortal and pestle is okay but a grinder works better.  About 3/4 of a jar will fill a typical coffee grinder.  Fill up the grinder and grind about 5 seconds.  Reincorporate to the rest of the jar by adding about 1/3 of the ground blend at a time and shaking to mix.  

About the SPYGLASS series: Spyglass is a series of blog posts that discuss Zest Coast Blends in more detail.